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Semaphore is a fully managed, high performance testing and deployment solution for your company.

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We love Semaphore! Really smooth onramp process, getting collaborators from GitHub was a snap and it was easy to get the build running. Kudos!

Rich Thornett Dribbble

Semaphore lets us spend less time running tests and more time doing what matters: shipping code for our clients.

Brandon Valentine CentreSource

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Don't Worry About Your Testing Infrastructure.

Semaphore simplifies your infrastructure by eliminating the need to set up and maintain a custom CI server. It understands your application code so that you can start integrating a new project in a minute.

Seamless GitHub Integration.

Semaphore assumes that your private or open source project is on GitHub. There are no new dependencies, hooks or SSH keys to manage. It works without any change in source code.

Your Projects are Autoconfigured for Testing.

Once you select your project, it is analyzed for the right configuration and test dependencies. Semaphore's analysis is optimized for Ruby, Node.js and Clojure, but the platform can test applications built with Elixir, Erlang, Go, Java, Perl and Python as well.

Deploy Anywhere.

Easily set up deployment to Heroku or any server using your custom script. Our friendly wizard will guide you through the quick process so that nobody in your team has to use the terminal again.

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Automatically Test Your App on Every Change.

Shipping bugs to users is not an option. As your team sends changes to the central repository, the code flows through Semaphore for verification.

Whenever somebody pushes new code to GitHub, Semaphore immediately runs all tests on the corresponding branch. Every time you create a new branch, Semaphore builds it automatically. It also knows how to clean up when you delete it.


Each build is linked to commits that match the push, so you know exactly which changeset affected each build.


Get results in 1/2 the time or less. Test different projects and branches simultaneously. Run parts of your test suite in parallel threads. Our platform is based on powerful, dedicated hardware to make sure that your tests finish quickly.


Watch the progress of all activities on the live project timeline. See the branches' build status and last deploys to each server. Semaphore can also deliver a notification right to your inbox or collaboration service of choice.

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Untap the Power of Continuous Deployment.

Instead of deploying a new version five times a month, you can now do it five times a day. Your business can innovate and respond to change at a rapid pace.


Ship Working Code Automatically.

If all tests on beta branch pass, Semaphore automatically deploys it to your staging server. The team is notified about the release in the chat room.


One-Click Manual Deployment.

Deploy a feature branch to staging, or the current main branch to production with a click on a button. Name the release so that everyone on the team can easily see what went in.


Track Application Releases.

Bring the history of production releases from the depths of console output to the spotlight. It feels good to deploy so often.

Watch Your Team Ship Features Faster Than Ever.

Test-driven development leads to better software design. When your application is automatically tested and deployed, developers work in a process that is predictable and safe. Semaphore helps your project move forward fast.


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Other Awesome Folks Using Semaphore

Semaphore will be a key part of keeping us out of trouble - a huge difference between our development and the competition.

Stephen Shooster Global Response

Semaphore was the first hosted CI service I tried that just worked. Setup was amazingly easy, and it runs our test suite quickly and dependably.

Luigi Montanez Upworthy
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